Our Business

Landcorp Farming is a leader in New Zealand Agriculture.

Vision: To be the world's most effective pastoral livestock farmer.

Mission: To be New Zealand's best livestock farmer: environmentally, socially and economically.

Landcorp Farming is a leader in New Zealand Agriculture.

We strive for best practice in dairy, sheep, beef and deer farming, for sustainable use of resources, and for continuous improvement in livestock genetics and farming systems.

Our farms produce food and fibre to the highest expectations of processors, marketers and consumers. We develop and provide technologies and services for adding further value to our operations and to New Zealand agriculture generally.

Landcorp Farming is a State-owned Enterprise, owning or leasing 376,942 hectares of land. With 137 properties and 1.6 million stock units, we are one of New Zealand's largest farming organisations. We manage, develop and farm land of all types, from sub tropical Northland to cool temperate climate Southland.

Landcorp also provides full or partial management service with our people plus on-farm and off-farm systems applied to large sheep, beef, deer and dairy farms owned by other individuals or entities.